Hunter & Prey

Hunter & Prey - Book #1

Penelope Thompson loves her life. She has everything she wants. With her beauty, charm, and intelligence, she is at the top of her game and is one of the most sought after escorts in the city. She chooses her clients carefully and provides them with much more than just a great time between the sheets. Yet now at the age of 33, she is questioning just how much longer she has in the business. Life might be great, but sometimes it gets lonely to only ever be what others want to see in her, trading sex for true intimacy.


Darren Hunter has made a killing by being one of the best lawyers in Chicago. Renowned for winning any case, he has built up quite the reputation. He has a new beautiful woman attached to his arm every few months and is what every guy desires to be: wealthy, smart, successful, and has the looks to go with all that.


When it is time for Darren to choose his new "flavor of the season,” Penelope catches his eye. As things heat up between them, Penelope starts to feel as if life is turning into a fairy tale—if not for the fact that, one by one, people are warning her about her Prince Charming, and evidence is mounting up that the elusive Mr. Hunter has his own skeletons in the closet. Will his past come to catch up with her? And why do all the women in his life suddenly disappear?

Bait - Book #2

“None of us is immune to that poison love really is. If your case is already terminal, why not make the best of it?”


After spending six months in hiding, Penelope Thompson is back—and she’s out for blood.

Haunted by her memories, she is driven by one thing only: to make Darren Hunter pay for what he did to her. Upon her return to Chicago, she has to face the facts—plotting revenge is a lot harder than she expected.

Darren has been busy in the meantime. Recovering from his “rafting accident” and finding himself some new eye candy for his arm make Penelope guess that he’s back to playing the same old games as before.

With the help of her contacts, she now has a clear goal: save the girl before it’s too late and get her hands on concrete evidence. But the stakes are high, and she knows that her task isn’t easy, particularly when it’s not clear who is the hunter and who is the prey.

Kira Barker  |  2016  |  Impressum  |  Disclaimer