We Kinky Three

Welcome to the Embassy…

The Embassy is a matchmaking service catering to supernatural clients, and those who would love to satisfy their curiosity. Be it vampires, werewolves, demons, or humans, everyone finds the perfect partner to make their fantasies come true!


Meet Celia, who has been itching to satisfy her curiosity about just how different sex with an immortal vampire lover would be.

Meet Rachel, who finds out just how much fun it can be to take on three werewolves – at the same time.

Meet Emily, who’s ambition to finalize a contract leads to a night of passion and bondage with a ghost – including a lot of very physical sensations.

Meet Viveca, who after centuries of praying on men might just meet the one challenge this succubus has been yearning for in forever.

Meet Lif, who wants to find out just why selkies have had a long tradition of shedding their seal skins to take human lovers – and finds much more than she bargained for.

Meet Enka, female werewolf and spitfire extraordinaire, who cannot believe that it is exactly the one man out there who she cannot stand who might be the only one who can give her what she needs.

The Girl & The Vampire

The Embassy is a matchmaking service catering to supernatural clients, and those who would love to satisfy their curiosity. Celia is one of them. She has been fascinated by vampires since they officially came out of the coffin. Now she is looking for a lover who can fulfill all her needs, in return for donating blood in the most intimate way possible. Because these vampires? They bite.

One for the Pack

Today is not Rachel’s day. First she has to watch her friend Celia bounce off to get eaten by a vampire, then she gets chatted up by a hot guy while she tries to drown her worries at the bar. Turns out, Mike is a werewolf, and no stranger to the concept of the Embassy, where human and supernatural lovers can easily connect. He and his two pack mates have been searching for an adventurous woman who’s up to taking the three of them on, all at the same time.

The night is definitely shaping up to become a lot more interesting…

Ghostly Ties

Emily Taylor has the perfect track record–so far she has found a match for every single client she has worked with in the Embassy. But now one of her contracts is about to go forfeit because none of the women she keeps selecting seems to fit the bill. As a last resort, she decides to take on the task herself–after all, the mere concept of having sex with a ghost is enough to not only pique her interest, but get her imagination flowing. She did not expect to experience a night full of scorching hot passion and enticing new sensations, and might be in for more than she has bargained for.

Seductress Seduced

When your entire life revolves around sex, it’s easy to forget how much fun it can be–at least that is how succubus Viveca has been feeling for quite some time. But then she is approached to take care of Garrett, hotshot new insatiable lover for the female clients of the Embassy. He’s been trying to get on Viveca’s radar for quite some time, and he is very open for all kinds of exploration. After all, it takes a real man to even attempt to satisfy a sex goddess.

Underwater Love

What does sex feel like? As a human, that is. That’s what Lif has been wondering about for years now. As a selkie – a seal shapeshifter — she has had chance in abundance to study humans get at it, but never has she dared venture out of the water herself. Until curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up at the Embassy, hoping that there someone will help her fulfill her fantasy. After all, there is so much fun to be had when you can easily hold your breath underwater for minutes at a time.

Opposites Attract

Life can be hard sometimes, when you’re a werewolf. Even harder when you’re the only female in the pack, and past experiences have left you with control issues. Well, la di da, it sucks to be me! No news there…

And of all nights that I have to be stood up in a bar, it has to be tonight, when this incredibly hot but ridiculously annoying vamp is hitting on me. Because that’s exactly what I need—a guy who easily sees through my bullshit, and who’s more than capable of holding his own in a little rough-and-tumble. Only that he’s a vampire, our sworn enemy. And I’m so not falling for that charm, nope, not me!

Ah, shit.

Kira Barker  |  2016  |  Impressum  |  Disclaimer