I'm trying to assemble my street team! If you're interested in helping me polish and promote my books, please read on!


What is a street team?


A street team is defined as a group of fans who love to help spread the word about the books they are passionate about!


To help you help me get the word out, I will share information on new releases, reviews, and other news with you. It would be kickass if you'd consider:


  • leaving reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, blogs etc. (your honest opinion, I'm not asking for blanket cheers)
  • Facebook "likes" of my books, comments on blogs, and reviews
  • Tweets, retweets, posts, and comments on social media
  • Mention me / my new releases to your Goodreads and other communities (because, hey, the more the merrier, eh?)
  • If you hear about some action or promotion I could join, please let me know about it so I can sign up


What's in it for you?


  • Free books! You'll receive ARCs (advance reading copies) of all my upcoming projects
  • Swag! Any swag I might come up with in the future. I'm just starting out so things are a little hazy still, but once things are up and running, I intend to have some available, like bookmarks, signed cover cards, gift cards etc. - and, of course, you'll be the first to get your hands on them!
  • My eternal gratitude, because you're awesome!!




While I understand that tempers can run hot easily when you're passionately about something, I implore you not to get into any altercations online (flame wars etc.) on my behalf. Those never work out to anyone's favor, and your time is much better spent reading a good book or hanging out with people who enjoy your company.


Please mind the copyright of any teasers or ARCs that I'm sending to you. You can share anything that I post on the blog or share on social media, and I'll happily provide you with promo material, but please don't hand out confidential stuff to everyone you know. Just tell them to join us and send them over to me!


Note: I know that things come up, and often you might find yourself short in time for things like this. Please let me know so I know why you're "ignoring" me. With the ARCs in particular, I expect you to give me a quick answer - yes or no - on whether you want this one, or would rather sit it out. Takes literally 5 seconds but makes things so, so much easier for me. Thank you!

(Obviously, if you're having issues with that, please don't sign up.)

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