Tied Between - Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of the alarm clock made me startle awake. I should get up now. I should go to work—save lives, kick ass.

Or I could stay right where I was, cocooned in soft, warm blankets that smelled faintly of fabric softener… and with a hard cock pressed against my ass.

There were worse ways to wake up, for sure.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Screwing my eyes shut, I tried to ignore the incessant noise that reminded me that I was a responsible adult, and hiding in bed was not an option. Not even for another five minutes.

Reluctant to move, I forced my muscles into action, actually managing to prop myself up on my side and blink into the perpetual gloom of the bedroom before a warm, strong arm came around my midriff and yanked me back down. My shoulder hit soft skin stretching over defined pecs—not that I could see them, facing away in the dark, but I’d explored them at large with eyes, fingers, mouth, and tongue on various occasions to be well acquainted with them. Arms and legs closed in around me, effectively trapping me in a full-body embrace. Squashed against him, I felt a little like a favorite stuffed toy, although what was poking my hip now reminded me that cuddling was probably not on his agenda.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

With rising awareness—among other things—came great annoyance, and when the alarm still didn’t miraculously shut itself off, I prodded my would-be captor none too gently in the stomach with one perfectly aimed elbow.

“Jack,” I whispered, trying not to be too loud.

A hum answered me while his arms tightened around my body to the point of actually squeezing me. I felt his face dip into my hair, his breath ghosting along my neck as he exhaled—but no further reaction.

“Shut off the damn alarm!” I hissed, still tempering my volume, but with a decidedly authoritative note to it.

Another hum followed, but when I tensed to deliver a quick jab, the arm lying across my stomach disappeared and I felt his body stretch as he half-turned to reach for the alarm. A loud slap, and a second later a mountain of muscle landed back on me, keeping me securely pressed into the mattress.

“Five more minutes, Mom,” he murmured into my hair, his arms already tightening around me in preparation for the retaliation he knew was about to come.

Grunting under my breath, I considered my options but decided that, really, five more minutes of this couldn’t hurt. We were just lying there, still drowsy with sleep, and I wouldn’t even have to speed up my morning routine for that. And after years of waking up alone—and falling asleep alone, too—it was really nice to wake up to the comfort of a warm body right next to mine.

It took less than ten seconds for Jack to realize that I wasn’t about to try my own version of the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on him and he started to relax, and another twenty until he gave up and loosened his embrace into something that was less of a wrestling move and more of a romantic gesture. I felt my lids grow heavy, and my thoughts started to wander… as did Jack’s hands.

It would have been too much to ask to expect him not to grab my tits and rub his dick all over my ass for one single morning. And when night shifts had forced me to postpone my “morning” for the day, he’d simply crawled into bed with me after coming home from work. Who’d have thought that Jack would turn out to be such a cuddler? Although it never stopped at cuddling. We were talking about Jack, after all.

I wondered if it was starting to become our thing. Probably, after over two weeks it had a feel of a well-oiled—pardon the pun—ritual to it.

I didn’t really feel like protesting when his fingers started to lightly massage my right breast while his other hand disappeared between my thighs, finding my clit with uncanny precision. Then again, he’d had quite some practice there, so even half-asleep fumbling came with certain expectations.

Rolling my head on my neck, I nestled myself more strategically into his arms and let out a low moan when he increased the speed of his attention.

“Shh,” he whispered into my ear, his warm breath on my neck making me shiver. He started kissing a trail down my jaw until he found my lips. I moaned again, a little for show but also because he was really doing a great job of working me into a frenzy. “We can’t be too loud,” he reminded me. “You know how grumpy he gets if he doesn’t get his beauty sleep.”

The comment made me snicker—because it was funny as hell but so true—while my eyes inadvertently searched out the human-shaped lump on the other side of the bed. Of course, just as I wanted to whip out a snarky reply, the alarm went off, making Jack groan, then turn over so he could shut it off again. That he used the hand previously lodged between my legs wasn’t something I welcomed, but as soon as he was done, he resumed with a little extra fervor.

That was until I moaned again, and he playfully bit my bottom lip and halted.

“I told you to be silent,” he whispered against my lips, then nudged my head to the side so that his mouth could continue to explore all the sweet spots of my neck.

“Don’t you think that if the alarm doesn’t wake him up, a little moaning and groaning will do the job?” I quipped back—only to find one dark eye glaring at me from the deep recesses of what likely accounted for the better part of the blankets and comforter on the bed.

Feeling a smile tuck up the corners of my mouth, I opened my lips to wish the remaining occupant of the bed a good morning, but Jack used that exact moment to thrust two fingers into my soaking wet pussy, making me arch against him and let out a needy gasp.

“You two are insufferable,” Simon grunted, then shoved his heap of captured blankets off and stalked out of the bedroom. Through the open doors I could see the light in the bathroom come on, followed by the ensuing telltale sounds of basic human bodily functions.

“Seriously?” I grunted, both because my annoyance had just jumped up a notch, and Jack had stopped all the wonderful things he’d been doing. I got a laugh in return, and Jack wriggled his fingers—the important ones—halfway appeasing me. But listening to the sounds of Simon finishing up kind of tore me out of the mood, and neither my body nor mind appreciated that.

Done, Simon shut off the lights and returned, his tall silhouette briefly crossing the window before the bed dipped under his weight… as he crawled under his blankets and went back to sleep. Both Jack and I were staring at him, all wriggling and writhing stilled now, until I felt him laugh against my back.

“This never gets old,” he murmured, then captured my lips again just as I wanted to reply. Before, he had been all about teasing, but now he was all passion and need, his tongue twining sensually with mine while his fingers were continually moving in and out of me, his thumb busy on my clit. Unable to keep still any longer, Jack started moving his hips against my leg, his cock rubbing along the underside of my ass cheek.

“Jack,” I moaned against his lips, then grabbed his cock and started stroking it, repaying his teasing in full. “I need you. Inside of me. Right. Fucking. Now.”

Laughing under his breath, he added a third finger yet made no move to reach for a condom.

“I love it when you get so demanding,” he confided, his eyes sparkling in the dim light. “I love it even more when I know that you spend the entire day cursing me in your head because I didn’t fuck you in the morning.”

I was tempted to either punch him in the arm or squeeze a little too tightly with my busy hand, but thankfully, I had other options. Looking over at the inanimate heap of blankets, I gently prodded the lower part of it with my toes.

“I know that you’re awake, Simon,” I said, hard-pressed not to laugh. And moan, because it wasn’t like Jack was stopping just because he refused to take things that one step farther. “I think I told you that I’m working nightshift in the ER after my dayshift today? So for the next two days, there’ll only be cock on the menu. If you want some pussy, you better go get it right now.”

I might have been able to stave off laughing, but Jack wasn’t, his chuckle both teasing in my ear and tantalizingly arousing because it sent his breath across the side of my neck.

For a few seconds I thought I would be left with the terrible tease still dry-humping my leg, but then the heap on my other side moved and Simon emerged, blinking owlishly at me.

“Your funny one-liners—aren’t,” he informed me, but I already recognized that twist coming to his mouth. Oh, he was so game. And I was—hopefully—soon so screwed. Literally. And yes, they were—funny as hell, but it wasn’t my fault Simon wasn’t exactly a morning person.

“Who made you the judge of that?” I teased, licking my lips suggestively. “But, you know, you can always find new ways to shut me up if you don’t like what I have to say.”

Simon’s eyes narrowed, and a moment later he was on me, blankets flying off the bed behind him. I started to chuckle, but then his lips were pressing against mine, his tongue sliding hungrily into my mouth, and the sound leaving my throat turned into a lust-filled moan. His sudden fervor deserved a reward so I reached for his cock also, finding him somewhat hard, but not sufficiently so yet for what I had in mind. But he had definitely been watching us.

To make room for Simon, or because having my weight on his arm was getting uncomfortable, Jack extricated himself from underneath me, but never ceased working his fingers in and out of me. I ended up on my back between the guys, smiling up at them once Simon’s lips took a dive down toward my breasts.

“I could get so used to this,” I murmured, then sighed contently when Simon’s mouth closed around my left nipple and sucked hard.

“Aren’t you by now?” Jack replied, grinning, then leaned in to lick and suck a hot trail up from my shoulder to my jaw.

“Kind of,” I admitted, squirming and tightening around his fingers when he hit the right spot. “But some days I still feel like I’m going to wake up any second now and it will all have been just one hell of a wet dream.”

Jack bit down gently, drawing another moan from me, which quickly cut off into a dismal grunt as he removed his fingers. Smirking at me, he nudged Simon’s arm with the back of that hand.

“You take over. I’m starting to get tired.”

“You’re such a lazy bastard,” I said to Jack, but thankfully Simon didn’t need to be told twice. Only he didn’t use his hands, except to spread my thighs wide and keep them open as he dived between them, his lips closing hungrily around my clit. His tongue flicked out, starting to work me masterfully, prompting me to close my eyes and relish every second of it. So what if I couldn’t continue to stroke his cock like that? Sometimes just being selfish was the best thing in the world.

Jack remained motionless next to me until I opened my eyes and nudged his chest with my nose, which made him smile down at me. He’d been watching Simon, but now I had his attention again, not least of all because I was still stroking his cock. Leaning over, he planted an almost sweet kiss on my lips, then went back to driving me crazy with his lips and tongue all over the side of my neck.

I came about three glorious minutes later, letting the world know that I was one happy, quivering puddle of need. Loudly. It happened. Thankfully, the next-door neighbors were either far enough away, deaf, or otherwise didn’t mind.

Sagging back into the mattress, I remained lying there, relaxed, while feeling my entire body vibrate softly with that warm feeling of satisfaction. Jack stole a kiss from me first, quickly replaced by Simon once he’d crawled back up the bed beside me. I loved tasting myself on his tongue, and the way his hand was kneading my thigh was very promising.

But duty was calling, and while I didn’t regret a single thing, I was already about to be at least twenty minutes late if I didn’t beat it right fucking now.

Flashing the guys a brilliant smile, I pushed myself up, scooting to the bottom of the bed and out from between them. A quick wave and I was skimping off toward the bathroom, no time to lose on idling around anymore.

“Hey, what about my cock? You can’t just run off because you’re done now,” Jack called after me, sounding more annoyed than he likely was. Ignoring him, I grabbed my toothbrush in one hand while trying to untangle my hair with the other. A quick glance back into the bedroom revealed both of them lying in bed next to each other, more or less glaring in my direction. The early morning sun streaming in through the window already made the golden highlights in Jack’s sun-bleached blond hair flare up, the black lines of the tattoo climbing his upper arm and shoulder in stark relief. Simon, his shorter, dark hair sticking up at weird angles, just grinned at me and looked over at Jack.

“Wanna fuck? You’re already horny and I’m as awake as I get until ten, so might as well make the most of it?”

Jack struck a comically considering pose, but I didn’t need to look at how his cock jumped at the idea to know that he was game. But he wasn’t done ribbing me yet.

“Yeah, maybe, considering that most days I don’t even get a kiss goodbye from Miss Fancypants over there!”

I stopped momentarily in my attempt to pull on my jeans while I was still not quite finished scrubbing my left upper molars. Sticking my tongue out at him, I spit into the basin, then quickly swished with mouthwash. Simon shook his head and stared up at the ceiling, as if any higher power had any chance of getting between our to and fro.

“Because half the time you’re already out taking your morning run when I’m leaving, or you’re balls-deep in his ass or mouth. I wouldn’t dare to even consider interrupting your varied morning workout routine.” I might have made a difference today, but then my gaze fell on the display of the alarm clock, and I cursed under my breath. “Have fun, guys! And don’t do anything without me that you wouldn’t do with me, either!”

Grabbing my bag, I bolted, leaving Jack to his grumbling while Simon was laughing his ass off. Well, I was sure that Jack would, one way or another, shut him up eventually.

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